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Total Immersion: French Lausanne

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Titre du cours

Total Immersion: French
Description The total immersion French course is intended for executives, academics or students who do not have the time required for a course over a long period. A programme structured around their aims and needs allows participants to
study intensively for one full week. Participants are accompanied throughout the day, in class, during cultural visits and at lunch.
Date Continuel
Avenue Benjamin-Constant 1
1003 Lausanne
Tel: +41 21 627 70 70
Prix du cours 5900 CHF
Coordonnées du PrestataireEduquaWBG VOXEA SA
Avenue Benjamin-Constant 1
1003 Lausanne
Tél +41 21 627 70 70
Objectif(s) The aim of the total immersion French course is to give learners more autonomy in written communication
and comprehension, develop their written and oral skills more quickly and enable them to increase their knowledge in one week
and therefore to speed up their integration into professional and community life.
Remarque(s) Teaching material, cultural visits and activities, course diploma or certificate included. 
Leçon(s) 50 x 45 minutes
Numéro du cours 2
Numéro de la classe 1
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